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 Year 1 at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Year 1 had a fantastic day at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park to support their topic learning about Brazil. We saw lots of South American animals, such as Capybara, Maya and Armadillos! We also enjoyed seeing Polar Bears, Tigers, Zebras, Meerkats, Wallaby, Giraffe and Lions!

“I didn’t know that Lemurs don’t like dogs! They screech really loud” Macie
“I never knew that Polar Bears ate peanut butter ice cream!” Alfie
“I really liked the painted dogs because they looked like they had spots” Grace
“I didn’t know that giraffes could lift their legs so high” Ryan
“I like the giant otters because they had really long tails” Jacob D
“I really enjoyed eating my packed lunch with my friends” Jacob W
“I really liked the lions because they were sleeping and they were so still” Lilly
“This has been the best day of learning and we haven’t even been in the classroom today” Ryan


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